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This is an interview with Erika Hartl, Hawaii-fan from Bad St. Leonhard. In January 2020 we went to Hawaii together. It was my first trip there but it’s almost like a second home for Erika and she now has many friends there. On the 10th of March, two such friends from Hawaii will visit us in Wolfsberg – to share their music, stories and their. „ALOHA” with us.

Claudia: When did your love-affair with Hawaii begin?

Erika: It began with the first Lomi Lomi massage that I experienced more than 20 years ago. The liberating feeling it gave me back then inspired me to embark on this career path myself. I was in my 40s at the time and working in retail. It was life changing and the Lomi training that followed has taken me to Hawaii several times, five times in total so far.

C: What happens during a Lomi Lomi session?

E: Lomi Lomi is a gentle and at the same time powerful treatment, which releases blockages on a physical, emotional and spiritual level through effective techniques and a mindful practitioner. It is perhaps best understood through an alternative name for Lomi Lomi, „loving hands.”

C: And what does „Aloha“ mean?

E: „ALOHA” isn’t just a greeting, but an inner attitude towards life. It symbolizes a respectful, loving and generous treatment of yourself, the world and all its living beings. “ALO” means “life” and “HA” means “breath”. Saying „ALOHA“ to someone means sharing vitality, respect and the air you breathe.

C: How does this flow into your everyday life here in Austria?

E: I try to encounter everything – be it people, plants and animals, but also experiences, positive or negative – openly and with love and respect.

C: Who are the people behind Aloha in Action?

E: Lei’Ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao – two strong women who keep ALOHA alive and teach others in Hawaii and far beyond. They support local people and projects and it is very important to them that younger Hawaiians don’t forget their roots, traditions and the teachings of their ancestors. Among other things, they do this through their wonderful music. They have received many awards for this and have gained great public recognition.

C: How long have you known Lei’Ohu and Maydeen?

E: About 15 years ago I attended one of their concerts in Vorarlberg. After that we met several times in Hawaii and back in 2014 they gave a concert here in Wolfsberg. That was a wonderful experience. A lot of people ask me when I’ll take them to Hawaii. This gave me the idea to bring a piece of Hawaii back here – two authentic Hawaiian singers, with their music and their stories with them.

C: How would you describe their music?

E: „Heart-touching describes it precisely. It connects and liberates at the same time.

C: What can we expect at the Aloha Hawaii Concert?

E: Heart-touching music, hula dancers, lots of flowers and stories from Hawaii – about nature, history and life. A special concert experience that’s only possible with many helping hands and supporters.

On this note – we look forward to many visitors at the benefit concert on March 10th in the town hall in Wolfsberg. Come and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Hawaiian culture.


Erika Hartl
Lomi Lomi Oluea and Lomi Wawae
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