Krone Kaffee

My husband Erich loves drinking coffee – and he drinks quite a lot of it. A few years ago I started making herbal tee for him to drink in the hope of reducing his – in my opinion – unhealthy coffee intake. When he started suffering from a stubborn cough, I gave him even more tea to drink but his cough didn’t get any better. No cough mixture or other medicine was helpful, so he went to see a homeopath for some tests. The result? His cough was an allergic reaction to herbs, flowers and roots, but drinking up to a litre of coffee a day isn´t a problem for him. Oh, how embarassing! Now he sometimes drinks coffee-leaf tea and doesn’t have any problems but his favourite drink is still coffee.

Erich is a self-employed carpenter but since May 2021 you can find him with his self-built, mobile coffee bar at KuKuMa. He gets up early every Saturday with no effort and looks forward to making coffee and talking to other coffee-lovers at the market. He uses coffee beans which have been roasted in Kötschach-Mauten by coffee roaster Christian Thurner from the coffee shop Ambilini (previously San Giusto), whom he met at the Wolfsberg fair several years ago where he was making coffee with a coffee machine built into his Fiat 500. We have been happily drinking Christian’s coffee since then – Erich loves the taste and the quality of the beans and I’m glad that it doesn’t cause me any stomach aches. The beans are gently roasted and therefore develop less acidity – too much of which can cause stomach aches. Andrea Buchsbaum also used Ambilini Coffee in her former café Creafé.

Erich now has his own brand name, logo (designed by Sabine Watl – www.watl.at) and environmentally-friendly packaging. He serves everything from espresso and cappuccino to filter coffee at KuKuMa and ground coffee as well as whole beans are also available at Gerlinde Wagner´s Pasta Passion and Fundus.

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